54-FZ: Integrated solutions for business - BIFIT "Kassa Roznitsa (Retail cash register)" + UCS


BIFIT JSC is a developer of solutions for remote banking services that released a new version of an online cash register named “Kassa Roznitsa” for small and medium-sized businesses with the possibility of integration with UCS acquiring.

The new version of “Kassa Roznitsa” was developed and available on Windows and Linux platforms and is compatible with all commonly used cash registers.

The integrated solution from BIFIT and UCS allows you to synchronize acquiring and online cash register and automatically send transaction data to the tax authorities. This solution simplifies the control of business processes, minimizes risks and errors of personnel, increases the speed of customer service and solves the issue of compliance with the Federal Law “On the use of cash register equipment in settlements in the Russian Federation as of May 22, 2003 N 54-FZ”.

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