UCS is one of the largest independent payment technology solutions providers in Russia, that helps businesses of all sizes prosper by delivering customized payment tools.

Our Customers

Banks, Merchants, SMEs, Self-Employed.

Business Solutions

Smart services for the cards of major International Payment Systems and Russian National Payment Card System MIR.

Bank Solutions

Many years of cooperation and implementation of integrated tech solutions: Issuing support, processing, atm chain management and more.

UCS Mission and Strategy

We help businesses of all sizes prosper by delivering customized payment solutions.


Facts and Figures

29 years of operation in the Russian market
31 region across Russia
24/7 customer and tech support
In-House Processing Center
International Security Standards
Unique Expert Center

Driving Payment Innovations

UCS is a member of Global Payments Inc. – one of the Global leaders in the industry of payment technologies and software solutions. We're always tuned to the latest advancements and guided by the best practices when implementing payment innovations.


Our History

The company was founded 29 years ago. Throughout our history, we saw acquiring development in Russia, from inception to nowadays. Payments for us are not just a thing we are aware of. Payments are our long-standing specialty, our knowledge, our skills and experience. Today, UCS remains a unique independent company holding its leadership in the payment technology market.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Charity and social commitments represent an integral part of the UCS's corporate culture. We are convinced we have to support those for whom any help is vital. For more than 20 years, UCS has been involved in charity activities and developed the value system. Our charity format respects interests of our employees, customers, partners, and people we help. What we value the most are social programs and corporate volunteering.