Loyalty Programs & Gift Cards

Loyalty programs of any complexity, tailored to the company's needs.

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Any validity period

Various card types: magnetic-stripe, barcode

Any gift card balance: fixed or flexible

Reloadable or non-reloadable cards

Various activation options

Gift Card Advantages

Sales boost

  • on average, customers spend 25% more than the card value.

Additional funding

  • 100% advanced payment
  • 58% of customers do not spend gift card deposits during the first month, providing the interest-free credit
  • up to 10% of the value remains unspent

New customers

  • gift cards are the best option to advertise your company (gifts to friends, colleagues, corporate customers)

Customer retention

  • marketing campaigns involving gift cards

Bonus Cards

Cultivate customers loyalty and skyrocket sales.

Bonus credit models are based on the following:

  • purchase amount
  • purchase time
  • purchase history
  • transaction ID

Accumulative discount card

Threshold value of purchase amounts and discount amount are determined individually based on your preferences.

Prepaid cards (fuel, dining, etc.)

Allow to pay for pre-determined services and goods (e.g. fuel at a specific petrol station, lunch at a specific restaurant, etc.)

  • Fund limits
  • Card personalization (name or vehicle registration plate number)
  • Card can be preset for a specific fuel type

Expand your customer base with the National Payment Card System

Become a member of the MIR Loyalty Program to have your major business tasks covered:

  • attract new customers
  • increase the turnover and amount of the average receipt
  • reduce marketing advertising costs
  • promote your brand within the NSPK MIR channels

UCS Services

  • Turn-key project
  • Card design, production, and personalization
  • User account (project reports and documents)
  • Card History & Balance on your website
  • 24/7 Support

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