UCS: hi-tech solutions for partner banks


Alexander Kuznetsov, Deputy General Director, Chief Operating Officer, UCS, told the PLUS magazine about the new solutions in the field of payment technologies and the benefits of cooperation with a long-standing strategic partner - Rosbank.

The processes of digitalization of the economy over the past year have significantly accelerated, the payment technology industry continues to develop rapidly, contactless payments and services, as well as payment for goods on the Internet, are becoming especially popular. United Card Services (UCS), one of the largest independent processing companies in Russia, succeeded to adapt to the new market environment and offer its customers modern payment solutions with a high level of security.

In working with its partner banks, the UCS processing center uses the new 3D Secure 2.0. technology for cards of the national payment system "Mir" and the international payment systems Visa and Mastercard. The previous version of the protocol (3D Secure 1.0) was developed in 1999. The purpose of the development was to protect merchants, issuers and cardholders from fraud when making online payments. Over time, the protocol's functionality became obsolete, and a new version appeared on the market - 3D Secure 2.0. The new protocol takes into account the peculiarities of making payments in the modern digital environment and ensures the safety of purchases through applications on mobile and other consumer devices. The protocol also has advanced functionality that facilitates the process of customer verification at checkout - both in the mobile application and in the browser. For example, UCS offers its partner banks an intelligent decision-making service based on dynamic risk assessment Risk Based Authentication (RBA), which allows real-time analysis of additional transaction parameters and client profile. At the same time, the verification takes place imperceptibly for the client and does not cause inconvenience - there is no need to perform additional actions (for example, enter a one-time password). This makes the shopping experience more convenient, while also solving the problem of "abandoned carts", when a customer collects items in the cart, but does not complete the checkout due to a long wait for an SMS message or other forms of authentication. Thus, dynamic risk assessment can significantly improve the customer experience and reduce the risk of fraud.

Along with online payments, the popularity of payments using Pay services has been increasing recently. It is important for UCS to support the development of the Russian payment industry, which is why our company offers tokenized solutions for Mir Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. According to user reviews, Mir Pay is not only in no way inferior to foreign counterparts in convenience, but also often surpasses them. At the same time, protection of payment transactions is ensured in accordance with all international security standards.

Along with Pay-services in the Russian market, contactless service at ATMs is in wide demand. The UCS processing center has successfully passed certification in the Mir, Visa and Mastercard payment systems for contactless acquiring at ATMs equipped with NFC modules. Thus, by providing technological support for the contactless service in the ATM network for all its partner banks, which is especially important during a pandemic.

UCS has an extensive network of clients throughout Russia. The company offers comprehensive services to banks, including favorable conditions for processing cash withdrawals and deposits at ATMs of Rosbank, a long-standing and strategic partner of UCS. Rosbank provides banks with sponsorship services for interaction with payment systems and is one of the leaders in this market.

The main advantages of working with Rosbank as part of sponsorship programs are an impeccable reputation, many years of experience and professionalism of the team, free management of projects of any complexity in payment systems, full receipt by banks of interbank remuneration (IRF), a minimum fixed tariff for settlement services and a minimum security deposit.

Taken together, all these opportunities demonstrate a synergy effect that positively affects the competitiveness of market participants who have chosen UCS and Rosbank for their card programs.

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