UCS was included in the rating of the largest and most dynamically growing FinTech companies in Russia


UCS was included in the rating of the largest and most dynamically growing FinTech companies in Russia. The rating was prepared by the “Atlanty” Business Club and Smart Ranking for the “Atlanty 1000” project, which aims to identify the fastest growing small and medium-sized companies in Russia from 2018 to 2020.

Today, the Russian FinTech market is considered to be still young, but quite promising, despite the fact that last year the pandemic made major adjustments. Many companies were forced to close, and those who were able to be in the digitalization trend and go online continued their growth and development.

The turnover of the 40 largest FinTech companies increased by about 1.5 times in two years from 32 billion rubles to 48 billion rubles. The following segments became the growth leaders: marketplaces and investment platforms; payments and transaction processing; loyalty systems; business solutions.

According to the research, the main share among FinTech companies with revenue of 60 million rubles is occupied by payment systems. They include about 30% of the rating participants, while they account for about half of the total revenue of the Top 40 FinTech companies (24 billion rubles).

Independent processing company UCS with revenues of 2,394.3 million rubles in 2020 took 6th place in the ranking. According to Alexandra Borsuk, Deputy General Director of UCS, there were multidirectional trends in different segments: “Since the beginning of 2020, there have been significant changes in the Internet acquiring segment, the average check in the Company's client portfolio has increased by 121% compared to 2019, while as in merchant acquiring, the check, on the contrary, decreased by 49%”.

Marketplaces, which turned out to be the growth leaders, have got 13% of the Top 40's revenue. Their main growth factor is also the transition of market participants and buyers of investment products to online.

Thus, the prospects for the Russian FinTech market are clearly visible.

UCS follows trends, continues to develop and increases turnover to provide quality service to its clients.

More information about the rating can be found here.

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