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UCS training center

UCS draws special attention to the personnel training and development, considering this a key pre-requisite for proper high quality services offered to the customers (cardholders) at any organization or a bank. Cashier, dealer or bank operator must have all necessary skills to be able to offer a prompt and professional service to the customers, as well as prevent fraudulent or illegal transactions (and, therefore, financial losses).

The staff of retailers and banks can gain basic skills and knowledge needed to render services associated with the payment cards, at the UCS training center.

Payment Cards Training Course for specialists and cashiers will get them familiar with distinctive features of the cards of the international payment systems and their basic security elements. The training course covers the following subjects:

  • International payment systems, the principles of their operation.
  • The concept, main types and features of the payment card.
  • The procedure of servicing and opening an account (based on the type of services provided, for example, hotel service, cash withdrawals, etc.).
  • Making card transactions through an electronic device (POS-terminal, cash register).
  • PayPass and PayWave contactless payment card transactions (NFC technology).
  • Methods for detection of counterfeit cards and fraudulent cardholders.
  • Actions to be taken by the cashier in case of attempted fraudulent use of the card.
  • Analysis of actual card fraud incidents and security measures in the provision of services associated with cards.
  • Analysis of common mistakes in the payment card acceptance.

The graduates are awarded certificates issued by UCS in the form developed and approved by the international payment systems.

We offer two main training courses for our client companies:

  • Cash withdrawals on payment cards (training for bank tellers).
  • Procedures for provision of services to the cardholders at merchants’ locations. This training program is designed for employees who have not dealt with payment cards acceptance before, while employees who have previous experience with the cards are offered an advance training course with the following final examination. Successful graduates are awarded certificates issued by UCS.

UCS Security Service experts have found that the level of fraudulent and unpaid transactions is significantly lower at the retail outlets where employees periodically attend seminars, as compared with the retailers where cards are accepted by untrained employees.

UCS also provides consulting services on the above issues to the legal entities under a separate service agreement.

Established in 1997, UCS Training Center has trained more than 300,000 people to date.