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Specialized cards

Prepaid cards used by the employees of client companies to pay for a pre-approved range of products and services, such as fuel in a certain filling station chain, lunch at a certain restaurant, etc.

The advantage of specialized cards for your company lies in the formation of loyalty, conversion of occasional customers into the regular ones.

Convenience of the specialized cards for your clients lies in the ability to avoid cash payments and the better control over spending funds allocated to the employees for specific purposes.

Fuel Card – a proposal for filling stations. It is used by the employees of client companies to buy fuel and additional services in a certain chain of filling stations.

Dining Cards – a proposal for public catering facilities. They are used for non-cash payments for business lunches of the employees of client companies.

Basic functionality of specialized cards:

  • Ability to pre-set spending limits (for example, max. RUB10,000 per month, or max. RUB500 per day).
  • Ability to personalize the card with a reference to the name or to the car registration number.
  • Ability to restrict fuel purchases by card to a single fuel grade.
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