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Loyalty programs

Loyalty program is a modern and effective marketing tool allowing the company to increase the number of regular customers and boost sales.

Benefits of cooperating with UCS

Unique industry-specific solutions
The loyalty programs address the needs of the industry, which forms the area of an organization’s specialization.
Simple to implement and use
The loyalty card acceptance procedure is no different from a regular bank card payment. Therefore, if the company accepts bank cards for payment, then work with the program will require no additional training, except for a couple of introductory notes.
Flexible parameter setting system
The specific parameters of loyalty programs are determined individually for each client based on the current marketing tasks. If the client’s needs are changed, the parameters of the loyalty program can be updated accordingly.
Various technical solutions
A solution for loyalty/gift card processing can be delivered as a separate product, or as a supplement to the existing acquiring equipment.

Types of loyalty programs

Bonus Cards The bonus cards contribute to the formation of customer loyalty and allow increasing the sales volume because the customers come back again to use the bonus gained from previous purchases.
Cumulative discount cards The card with cumulative discount facilitates the formation of customer loyalty and allows increasing the sales volume. The more purchases a person makes in a given retail chain, the greater discount s/he enjoys, and the more benefits s/he receives if comes back repeatedly.
Fuel, dining, and other specialized cards Prepaid cards used by the employees of client companies to pay for a pre-approved range of products and services, such as fuelling in a certain filling station chain, lunch at a certain restaurant, etc.
Gift cards A gift card is a convenient and easy-to-maintain tool that allows the merchants to increase their sales significantly.


  • Capability of integration with POS systems
    installed at the merchants sites
  • Design, manufacture and personalization
    of plastic cards in accordance with the technological standards of international payment systems
  • Customized reporting
    A wide choice of reporting forms and templates. Can be used for situation analysis in the project
  • Technical support
    ready to help solve any problems
  • Company’s web portal
    Ability to track customers' payments online, generate consolidated statistics, etc.
  • Card balance tracking
    Ability for clients to monitor the payments history and to control the card account balance using a selected web-resource

Financial conditions

The project cost depends on:
  • the volume of payments
  • the number of connected devices
  • the number of cards in the program
  • individual program settings

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Procedure and terms of connection

The total program implementation length: 3-4 weeks
  • 1
    Selection of the project options based on the necessary functionality
  • 2
    Approval of the required accounting entries with the Financial Department
  • 3
    Mutual approval of the design and number of cards at the time of the project launch
  • 4
    Conclusion of the agreement
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