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Acquiring at self-service facilities

A service for the organization of plastic card acceptance at the self-service facilities such as filling stations, automated parking lots, ticket sales through self-service kiosks, payment terminals.

UCS offers the acquiring services for the self-service facilities accepting cards of the following payment systems:

Payment systems

Benefits of cooperating with UCS

Ability to pay with a card
in the unattended environment
Unrivaled security of payments
PCI DSS Certificate, SSL, fraud monitoring
Individual customer approach
UCS personal manager will help you choose the optimal acquiring terms for your business
High quality service
Personal manager and round-the-clock technical support
Fast refunds
for the goods returned by the client
A crystal clear fee schedule
No monthly charges or hidden fees


  • Personal Manager
    Supports the merchant throughout the entire term of the agreement
  • Reporting
    Detailed reporting on transactions
  • Technical and authorization support
    24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Arbitration in the payment systems
    in the event of a claim
  • Company’s web portal
    Reports on payments, data breakdown by sales outlets, cash flow monitoring, advice

Financial conditions

  • Transactions processing fee
    is set individually based on the turnover, the type of business, the type of cards used for payment, as well as the applied technological solutions.
  • Fees are calculated
    using a statistical price model.
  • Profix
    UCS has Profix, specialized software that allows calculation of the cost of each transaction, thus making it possible to offer economically reasonable terms and conditions to the customers.

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