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Bank card processing

UCS processing center – a powerful, high-tech, modern facility based on card software product from OPENWAY Systems Ltd, is certified by the international payment systems for issuing and servicing of cards of the major international payment systems annually for compliance with the rules of organization of card issuing and servicing processes.

The certificates of international payment systems such as Third Party Personaliser and VisaNet Processor from Visa, Member Service Personaliser and Member Service Provider from MasterCard, allow UCS to provide a full range of processing services to member banks of VISA and MasterCard international payment systems.


Card issue

  • Card database management
    The card database is supported in the UCS system to ensure processing of authorization requests and bank cards related clearing messages received from the international payment systems (IPS) and USS.
  • Configuring new/existing card products.
    A card product in the UCS processing system features a set of three parameters adjustable at the bank’s request: BIN-Rank, a set of services and the account scheme. The set of services (the card scheme) determines the permitted and forbidden card transactions, fees schedule and limits.
  • Monitoring of card issue risks.
    Setting up and subsequent maintenance of the card issue risk monitoring system that allows the bank to exercise real time control of the transactions on the bank’s cards (both in the bank’s own devices and in Visa and MasterCard card acceptance network), as well as prevent potential fraudulent transactions.
  • Remote access system.
    Indirect access to the UCS host that allows retrieval of the card data and real-time activities performed from the workstations within the stated user privileges.
  • Preparation and support of chip cards certifications.
    Chip card certification can be full-scale (all tests are to be passed in the payment system in compliance with the IPS requirements) or partial (a part of tests or none of them are to be passed). The scope of support for the certification of the bank in the IPS includes the card testing in the IPS: production of test cards, online tests, analysis of reports, correction of errors, consulting the bank employees.
  • Claims handling.
    Disputing bank card transactions (Chargeback) performed on the devices of other IPS member banks; Disputing transactions performed in the bank’s network on cards of other IPS member banks, including the repeat transaction; Consulting services to dispute the transaction.
  • SMS notifications and mobile banking.
    Automatic SMS notifications on card transactions; SMS information at cardholder’s request regarding the account balance, card blocking, etc.; Mobile payment; Information and advertising text messaging.
  • 3DSecure.
    Connecting banks to the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode payment services to enable the authentication of cardholders making online payments for goods and services using the bank card.
  • PIN Change.
    Ability to change PIN codes for both magnetic stripe and chip cards in the bank's ATMs.
  • Transfers between bank cards.
    Allows the bank’s client to transfer money between cards of the same bank at ATMs and POS-terminals installed at the cash points, as well as through the online bank.
  • XML-interface for online banking.
    XML-interface allows the bank to send requests to UCS regarding the account balance, mini-statements, account debiting within the available account balance, account crediting, payments, setting and changing the status of the card in the formats provided in the specification.
  • Training of cashiers.
    Bank cards handling and ATM cash collection training courses are offered for the bank tellers at the UCS training center. The graduates receive a certificate in the format developed and approved by the international payment systems, which is valid for 2 years from the date of its receipt.
  • Other services at request of the bank.
    Available upon receipt and approval of requests.

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