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UCS offers banks, which do not provide acquiring services, cooperation on connecting merchants to the UCS acquiring facility for a fee.

The customers can be engaged into acquiring under one of the following two schemes.

Types of cooperation

Service Agreement (referral partnership)

The bank that offers merchant acquiring through UCS can, at no extra cost, expand the range of services provided to the client merchants and receive an additional source of income.

The bank attracts merchants to cooperation with UCS and, in case of signing a service agreement for servicing cardholders between the merchant and UCS, the bank receives remuneration, with its amount and method of calculation to be defined individually.

In this case, there is no conflict of interest between the bank and UCS, since UCS does not provide banking services.

UCS cooperates under referral agreements with over 90 banks and financial institutions.

Agency Agreement

The bank and UCS sign an agency agreement defining the terms of cooperation, the procedure for technical cooperation, as well as fees applicable to each payment system.

When an agent bank engages a merchant, a trilateral agreement is signed by the bank, UCS and the merchant.

Rates, settlement procedure and other financial conditions for merchants are determined by the bank on its own.

All settlements with merchants are performed by the bank.

Various forms of technical cooperation between the bank and UCS are possible, including establishing a host-to-host connection.

UCS cooperates under agency agreements with over 40 banks.

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