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What’s important to us:

  • the employees' attitude towards the company, its management, their responsibilities and working conditions;
  • employees' sincere interest in the company’s success;
  • employees' desire to perform their duties efficiently, surpassing established standards.

We know that involvement means:

  • emotions in relation to the work;
  • focus on the task to be solved;
  • willingness to make every effort to do the work, to make the maximum contribution to the development and success of the company.

We know that companies with a high level of involvement outperform their competitors in terms of net profit and growth rates.

Therefore, we:

  • Conduct surveys to learn the attitude of the staff towards the company’s basic values and assess the level of involvement. The staff surveys are conducted anonymously among all employees.
  • Attract a specialized consulting company to conduct a research and prepare reports on the research findings in regard to the company as a whole and each business unit separately. Such report includes both dynamic analysis (as compared with the results of previous years), and a comparison of our results with the results of other companies.
  • Organize meetings between the managers and staff to discuss the research findings, choose the growth zones and focus our efforts on the implementation of necessary measures.

The employees can:

  • express their views on many issues;
  • participate directly in the discussion of the situation;
  • work closely with managers and participate in introducing changes.

All together we are able to make our company second to none in terms of:

  • Efficiency,
  • Success,
  • Our commitment.