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If you are a student in your final year, if you are active, sociable and aiming your sights at professional growth and personal development, we would be happy to see you in the UCS team of professionals. The best of you will be able to build a successful career and expand your professional horizons.

We can offer you:

  • unique work experience in a processing company;
  • career and professional growth opportunities;
  • corporate training;
  • adaptation and mentoring program;
  • a stable job and competitive salary;
  • a good benefits package;
  • products of partner banks on favorable terms;
  • convenient working hours;
  • a comfortable working atmosphere;
  • and company of new friends.

You can choose your area now:

Sales and Development Management.

A few words from the staff:

Alexey Zamyshlyaev: «I think working in the sales department is just super, especially for the young. You don't have to sit about all day doing what you are told, and you don't need to listen to complaints from the management all the time, as it happens in many offices. It's very simple: you call a client, set up a meeting, and sign a contract! Work goes by at twice the speed and is beneficial!»

Vsevolod Egorov: «The UCS sales department is a great experience and competent career start if you want to develop in the card business. Our department staff is not only extremely friendly, athletic and fun, but also consists of real professionals in their field and people who love 'plastic'. Our department will be very helpful to you if you want to learn a little more about the world of payment systems, plastic cards and acquiring, and will be a real basis for your future career.»

Alexander Suvorov: «UCS provides a unique opportunity to gain experience in selling an interesting product - ACQUIRING, which is increasing in popularity. If you are a graduate or a final year student and you have no work experience, but have a strong desire to begin your career in a successful company, this is your chance. Your income will depend on commitment and the desire to develop and work in sales. And there is no limit to what you can earn. Working in the company's large and friendly team, you will not only gain new friends among the staff, but also useful contacts among the customers and partners you are dealing with.»

Vassiliy Ulianov: «My colleagues and I love to compete, and after hours, we go paintballing. A two or three hour event is a good test for everyone. With each visit to such an event the spirit strengthens in our male team!»

Vlad Babich: «I can say that I really love the job, the team is great, the combination of work in the office and business traveling is pleasing, and there is a great supervisor who is ready to help resolve complex issues at any moment. Also, this work provides the beginner with the opportunity to develop the skills of communicating properly with customers. Well, apart from that, a lot of other positive things.»

Customer Support Service.

A few words from the team:

«Our Service is a team of professionals with confidence in the future. The work is interesting and dynamic, and life is full of various events».

«Our team is one big happy family: the whole team is pleased to meet up at our off-work time».

«If you want to build your career in a friendly team, and become part of our family and learn something new every day, we are waiting for you!»